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I was born in Turkey, in 1990.


I finished high school in American Collegiate Institute with a Advanced Visual Arts International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate. 


In 2009, I got accepted into Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, majored in toy design, which I graduated from in 2013. 

I have always been interested in design, but ending up in TOY design was the result of my love of collectible/art toys (KidRobot, KAWS, etc). Other than just simply loving it, toy design taught me various qualities that any other design major might not. 

Being in toy design, you have to do everything yourself, and you have to be good at it. Here's some of the "things" I had to learn;

-Brain storming & concept ideation

-Concept sketching (traditional & digital)

-Concept coloring (markers & pencils)

-Character Design

-Creating back stories & personalities 

-Photoshop/Illustrator (drawing, painting, manipulation) + (Wacom Tablet)

-Model making & prototyping

-Model painting

-Sewing and pattern making


-Graphic design

-Packaging and package design

-Fashion design and doll fashion

-Branding and Identity

-Marketing and business


-Social Media and Communication

-Child psychology 

-Idea comunication



These are some qualities that all design graduates must have. In a work environment, many of these will not be used at once by one person, but you never know when and what you will be doing in this business.









-Naz Onderoglu




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