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Toy Design Portfolio
Naz Onderoglu


CuddleBrites are the softest and the most adorable bedtime plush toys with a heart shaped light-up feature.

With under water themed piece type extentions, they connect the childrens bath time to bed time.

CuddleBrites will make bath to bed transition easier for both children and parents.


Toys for bath time and bed time are different, but connected with theme for both decoration and play.



IQ: Intelligence Quotient

Quiddity: The essence that makes something the thing it is and makes it different from any other.

IQuddity is a uniquely styled action figure line for boys ages 6+ which improves their creativity and story telling abilities with providing them with enjoyable collectible items.

Available as a comic book with limitless 

story lines.

Decade Duo Dolls

"Decade Duo Dolls" is a unique collector fashion doll brand  that allows collectors to enjoy their favorite years in style as well as own and wear the fashions worn by the dolls.

Dolls come in couples and with a change of outfit that relates to their era. 

Also the dolls stories come in a book with the dolls as well as continued stories online.

All artwork belong to Naz Onderoglu. Unauthorized usage of these materials is... please don't.

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